Monday, March 2, 2015

21 Day Fix Plateau

Anyone who knows me knows I love the 21 Day Fix program.  First of all, the workouts are amazing. 30 minutes a day and every day is different.  LOVE it.  And it also comes with the amazing portion control container system, where you track your food by food groups.  It really teaches you the right way to eat clean and how to manage your portions to see results.  After a couple of rounds on the program, I noticed that I was not seeing the same results as I had in the beginning and had hit a plateau in my weight loss.  I decided to take a couple weeks where I used the My Fitness Pal app in addition to using the 21 Day Fix containers.  I wanted to see how the choices I was making were adding up - in My Fitness Pal you can see all sorts of numbers including sodium intake, sugar, carbs, fat grams, etc.  I noticed that I was eating well and staying within a recommended calorie intake, but I was taking in more fat grams than I should just about every day.  I did some research and found that the items on the top of the container list are the best choices and it goes down from there (ex: on the yellow container page #31 in the booklet a sweet potato would be among the most healthy choices for this container and the corn tortillas among the less healthy - note all choices are still healthy!).  I realized that it helped me to check in on my other numbers for a bit and make some adjustments.  I am already seeing the benefits of doing this check in and totally recommend it if you feel you have hit a plateau on the 21 Day Fix or any other plan.

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