Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simple Healthy Kid Approved Go-To Dinner

Eggs aren't just for breakfast!  This is a weekly go-to in my house. It takes 5 minutes, is a super cheap meal and everyone in my house will eat this. Two scrambled eggs, cheese, sprouted grain bread toast w/ natural PB and some raw veggies.  I love the warm ooey-gooey cheesiness!  Part of keeping the momentum on healthy eating in our busy fast-paced life is not over-thinking every meal. Having an arsenal of simple, easy meals will keep you on track and not overwhelmed about a healthy lifestyle. This whole meal for a whole family costs less than any one fast meal you'd get at a drive-thru, and takes no time at all. And it is 21 Day Fix approved for those following that plan! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Yogurt Parfait - 21 Day Fix Approved

One red container of plain Greek yogurt (which I added the tiniest drizzle of agave nectar on top of), poured over top a 1/2 container of your favorite fruit - I used red grapes, and topped with a 1/2 blue container of slivered almonds. A perfect snack or dessert, 21 Day Fix approved!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

P90 Launch - A New Challenge!

So I've been loving the 21 Day Fix program and have had some fantastic results, but the launch of P90 is inspiring me to go for a new challenge.  I have a lot of weight to lose and would love to have some accountability partners on my journey.  Will you consider joining me?! 

This program, brought to you by Tony Horton who created all the other P90 workouts, delivers dramatic results without having to go to the extreme. The workouts are simple, doable and made to change your body - regardless of age or fitness level! This program is perfect for someone just starting a fitness routine, someone wanting to get back in shape or if you want to maintain.  The workouts are around 30 minutes, offer modifications and options as you build progress and are perfect to fit in to a busy lifestyle.

Great news!! The product launched this month and the challenge pack is on sale for a limited time. This includes the standard base kit and a month supply of Shakeology - a $210 value for only $160. Pictured are all these fabulous inclusions: the workouts - 10 on 4 DVD's, a resistance band, nutrition guide - very simple and thorough, a four step power plan to get started, a workout calendar that allows you to set your own focus (sweat or sculpt), a 6-day shred plan, a bonus P90X workout on DVD and your healthiest meal of the day, shakeology! The standard base kit or deluxe kit are also sold seperately.  All items can be purchased on my website at I'd love the opportunity to work alongside you on this program!  Let's get healthy together!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Quinoa Salad - 21 Day Fix Approved

Super easy recipe! Make a cup of quinoa and chill. I usually do this the night before or a few hours before I make this recipe. This yields 6 yellow containers. Chop and fill 2 green containers of your favorite veggies, I used asparagus (cooked, leftover from dinner the night prior), cucumber and tomato - add to quinoa. Also add 2 orange containers of kalamata olives chopped and 2 blue containers of feta cheese. I then mixed this all together with 6 teaspoons of olive oil, mine was Tuscan herb infused oil (yum!). Serve chilled. Portion as you desire and mark your servings accordingly. I ate 1/4 of this for a serving that was 1 1/2 yellow, 1/2 green, 1/2 blue, 1/2 orange, 1 1/2 teaspoons. It's pretty and delicious, plus versatile - adding or removing any ingredients you'd like - and it's simple!