Sunday, September 14, 2014

21 Day Fix Workout Prep

To prep for the 21 Day Fix workouts, see my thoughts below on space, equipment, general preparation and getting through the first week.
  • Space: make sure you have some room near the TV you'll be working, though not too much space is required. 
  • Mat: You will need a Beachbody mini mat or standard yoga mat.  The video says these are optional but I think it makes a big difference especially on the yoga and pilates days. 
  • Weights/Resistance Band: You will also need a set of light and heavy weights.  If you have not used weights before, or it has been a long time, I'd recommend to start conservatively, for women using 2, 3 or 5 lb. weights for your light weight, and 3, 5 or 8 lb. weights for your heavy weight and building from there.  For men you will likely be okay with 5, 8, 10, 12 or 15 lb. or more depending on your strength level.  Most importantly you should start slow and build, taking care of your body.  You can also use a resistance band if you do not have weights, though I personally think the instructions for using weights are much easier and you spend less time trying to figure out the band.
  • General: Plan to wear athletic clothes that are comfortable and not constricting and tennis shoes with socks for every day except the yoga day (I also do not wear them on the pilates day though they do on the video).
  • Workouts: The workouts vary day by day which keeps things interesting and fun.  They vary in length from 27-32 minutes and offer a warm up and cool down, as well as modifications to each exercise.  You may feel really sore the first week especially if has been a while since you worked out.  On my first day I could hardly walk up the stairs after my workout!!!  It was a good sore.  It's really important to keep moving, stretch and stay hydrated when you're sore and just keep going.  By the middle of the week I felt better and by the next week I went from feeling sore to feeling STRONG!
  • Form: I cannot stress enough how critical it is to listen to the instructions and move slowly as you begin - taking great care of your body to do the exercises right and not fast.  Protect your joints by moving slowly and wisely as you're learning the program.

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